Support My Writing

Where are the ads?

Ads generally suck, and I am strongly against displaying third-party ads on any of my websites.

Instead, I am introducing something I call “support buttons”. These buttons work as referral links to services that I personally use and highly recommend. There is also an option to give money directly to support my writing.

Below is how the support buttons will appear on each of my posts.

This is an ad-free site. Please consider supporting my writing with one of the support buttons below.

The buttons with referral links are a win-win. You get money towards a new and awesome service, while I get an equal credit (or $25 in the case of Digital Ocean) towards something I already use and love.

More about these services (including my referral codes, which work exactly like the buttons above):

  • Project Fi:  An awesome wireless service from Google. I have used it for about 2 years and my bill averages ~$25/mo.  Referral code: 67324T
  • Digital Ocean:  Providers of simple cloud hosting, designed for developers. This site runs on Digital Ocean.  Referral code: 9b1195185da1
  • Square Cash:  A super easy way to send and receive money.  Referral code: DFPFNHC

The last button gives you the option to support me directly via a Square Cash payment. By default I have set this to $8, which roughly covers the cost of 1 month of hosting this site (though I can't promise I won't buy a burrito with it instead). The amount is totally flexible and anything you give is tremendously appreciated.

Pro tip:  If you are new to Square Cash and use the green support button to send me $5, your donation is basically free!