Lessons I Think I've Learned

This is a continuation of my post, "On Quitting", where I reflect on two years of unemployment. What I think I've learned: Question everything Favor long-term »

On Quitting

Reflecting on two years of unemployment and self-development. The Beginning Two years ago I quit my job. The first couple months were hard. Not because I »

Logo Design is Really Hard

Designing the perfect logo to represent a brand is incredibly difficult. Here are some of my favorite technology logos that got it right. I spent a »

You Don't Need Microsoft Office

There are plenty of serviceable alternatives, especially for home use. Save money with one of these options. First off, don't get me wrong—Microsoft Office is »

Video Poker in JavaScript

An early JavaScript coding exercise turned into a not-too-awful video poker game. When I started learning JavaScript my first project (aside from tutorials) was to build »