What I Fear

30 top-of-mind fears for the next four years.

On a day that may prove to be a very dark day in my nation's history, I decided to take the time to write down what I fear most in the coming months and years.

  1. Mass deportations (defined as > 1 million per year)
  2. Building a ridiculous 1,900+ miles-long US/Mexico border wall
  3. Further militarization of American police forces
  4. "Empowering" law enforcement officers by loosening the standards of use of force
  5. Authorized stop and frisk (and the inherent profiling that comes with it)
  6. Filling prisons with low-level drug offenders
  7. Imprisonment of political adversaries
  8. Increases in the imprisonment of foreign (or domestic) accused criminals, held without trial in Guantanamo Bay or elsewhere
  9. Authorized use of torture
  10. Limitations on peaceful protest
  11. Bans on immigration based on religion, country of origin, or some other nonsense
  12. The creation of a Muslim registry, or similar
  13. Internment camps of any sort for Muslim citizens, residents, or new immigrants
  14. Broader NSA spying on citizens
  15. Any legislation that resembles the UK's Investigatory Powers Act (Snoopers' Charter)
  16. Criminalizing the use of encryption
  17. The extradition and imprisonment and/or execution of Edward Snowden
  18. The creation of a state-run media
  19. Government endorsement of (or sanctions on) specific media outlets
  20. Withdrawing from the Paris agreement + energy policy that ignores global warming
  21. Policy that ignores science in general
  22. Legislation or an executive order that eliminates vaccination requirements or limits availability in any way
  23. Losing healthcare coverage options and out-of-pocket max limits (applicable to millions of Americans)
  24. The overturning of Roe v. Wade
  25. Tariffs or trade policies that result in significantly higher prices (10%+ increase) for Americans on consumer goods
  26. Price increases on (or lower availability of) fruits and vegetables, since nearly half of what we consume comes from Mexico
  27. Higher defense spending to fight foreign wars (anything more than $750 billion/year is absurd; ideally < $500 billion/year)
  28. Trade wars that turn into real wars
  29. Nuclear proliferation and nuclear conflict
  30. That any one of these things triggers a stock market crash and I lose half of my savings.

If none of these happen, then perhaps we'll be alright. Unfortunately, these are all things that our new president has either openly declared he will pursue, things he has alluded to, or things that may occur as a result of another.

Note:  I may periodically revisit this list and update if any of these becomes reality. If I add anything to the list, I may combine or even replace other items to keep the number at 30. Because 30 fears is enough, don't you think? *sigh*

What did I miss? Let me know @cschidle.

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