What I Fear

30 top-of-mind fears for the next four years. On a day that may prove to be a very dark day in my nation's history, I decided »

The .blog Bait & Switch

The .blog registry backtracked on its promise to send popular domains to auction. In May, co-founder and CEO of Automattic (WordPress) Matt Mullenweg announced that his »

Close Your Yahoo Account

Recent revelations about Yahoo leave no question that you should stop using their services. Ready to act? Close your Yahoo account here. A Rocky Few Months »

Cold Turkey

Something in my life needs to change, and I know what it is. I have decided to stop drinking alcohol, effective today. This is an oddly »

Failing Forward

An honest look at my life as a wantrepreneur. I quit my job because I wanted to see what I could accomplish on my own. But »

Why it's Dead #2: Neato

A postmortem of Neato, a cloudless data analysis and visualization tool. Neato was to be a data analysis and visualization (aka, business intelligence) tool. There were »